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A Robust PI Control Design for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Uncertainty Using Sum of Squares Decomposition (76938 Views)
Hybrid Dynamical Modeling and Control of an Under-Actuated Limit Cycle Walker Subjected to Impulsive External Disturbances (28183 Views)
Robust time-varying formation tracking for linear multi agent system with external disturbances using linear matrix inequalities (25968 Views)
A Novel Supervised Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning for Robot Navigation (25768 Views)
Solution of Differential-Algebraic Equations in Hessenberg Form Using Sliding Mode Control (25459 Views)
A Novel Method for Optimum Electrical Energy Harvesting from Wind Turbines: A Space-Time Model for Wind Farm by Neuro-Fuzzy Strategy (24728 Views)
Sliding Mode Control of Time-Delay Markovian Jump Systems with Partly Known Transition Probabilities (23952 Views)
Adaptive Trajectory Tracking Control of Dynamics of Nonholonomic Mobile Robot based on Orthogonal Function Approximation Technique (23335 Views)
Analytical Design of Constrained Nonlinear Optimal Controller for Vehicle Active Suspension System considering the Limitation of Hydraulic Actuator (22867 Views)
Observer Designing for Discrete-Time Piecewise Linear Systems: Linear Matrix Inequalities Approach (22467 Views)
Fuzzy Adaptive Observer Based Control of Double Inverted Pendulum (22253 Views)
Distributed Estimation and Sensor Selection in Wireless Sensor Network in the Presence of State-Dependent Noise (22250 Views)
Event-Triggered based Sliding Mode Control of Uncertain Linear Systems (22149 Views)
Robust Adaptive Control for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems: Integral Sliding Mode Control Approach Mehdi Golestani, Saeid Ebadollahi, Seyed Majid Smaeilzadeh (21611 Views)
Modeling and Analysis of the Hydraulic Antilock Brake System of Vehicle (20421 Views)
Observer-based Adaptive Fuzzy Control Scheme for a Class of MIMO Uncertain Nonlinear Systems (19555 Views)
Adaptive Sliding Mode Controller Design for Cruise Control of High Speed Trains (17874 Views)
Reduction of the Actuator Oscillations using Adaptive Control in a Damped Beam Model under a Follower Force (16870 Views)
Design of Nonlinear Optimal Controller for moving of Underwater Vehicle in Depth Channel by using Gradient Descent Method with Systematic Step Selection (16645 Views)
Higher Order Sliding Mode Control of Nonlinear Systems with Adaptive Switching Gain (16608 Views)
A New Method to Improve the Robustness of Smith Predictor against Model Error (16375 Views)
Nonlinear Modeling and PID Control System Design for a Typical Drum Steam Generator (16367 Views)
A New Approach to Bounded Real Lemma Representation for Linear Neutral Systems (15894 Views)
A Fault Estimation-based Approach to Active Fault Tolerant Controller Design (15747 Views)
Modeling and Experimental Identification of a Rotary Servo-Hydraulic System in Presence of Noise and Structural Uncertainties (15627 Views)
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Control Of Wind Turbine With Double Fed Induction Generator To Track For Maximum Wind Power (16503 Downloads)
Gas Sensors: Fundamentals, Applications, and Scope (13856 Downloads)
Cable Driven Parallel Robots: Kinematics, Dynamics and Control (10266 Downloads)
Design and Control of a Coreless Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator to Extract the Maximum Power from the Variable Speed Wind Turbine (10054 Downloads)
Feature Extraction from Depth Data using Deep Learning for Supervised Control of a Wheeled Robot (9811 Downloads)
Design and Manufacture of TDS Measurement and Control System for Water Purification in Reverse Osmosis by Classic PID with the Ability to Compensate Effects of Temperature on Measurement (8857 Downloads)
Semi-polynomial Takagi-Sugeno-Kang Type Fuzzy System for System Identification and Pattern Classification (7886 Downloads)
Fault Detection Filter Design for Uncertain LTI Systems using H∞ Norm Error Minimization (7750 Downloads)
Survey on Cyber Security of Industrial Control Systems (6642 Downloads)
A New Sliding Mode Observer Design for Linear System with Unknown Input and Time-varying Delay (6353 Downloads)
Robust NMPC- based Fault Tolerant Control Design for Compensation of Actuators Faults (5946 Downloads)
Identification and Modeling of Gas Turbine and Response Investigation of the Model to the Frequency Variation of Grid Power (5935 Downloads)
Adaptation of the Noise Covariance in Extended Kalman Filter Applied on Bearing Only Target Tracking Using Indirect Recursive Method (5691 Downloads)
A Survey on Applications of Estimation Theory, Identification and Stochastic Control in Industrial Systems (5678 Downloads)
TCP Congestion Control using Finite Spectrum Assignment: A Comparative Study (5173 Downloads)
Optimal Control for a Class of Nonlinear Fractional-Order Systems Using an Extended Modal Series Method and Linear Programming Strategy (5150 Downloads)
Multi-Objective Optimization of 6-Degree-of-Freedom Cable-Driven Parallel Robot Using Kinematic Indices (4927 Downloads)
Chaos Control based on Combination of Integral Terminal Sliding Mode with a New Sliding Surface and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (4775 Downloads)
Constrained Model Predictive Controller Design Based on Multi-parametric Programming for the Boiler Unit of a Gas Refinery (4729 Downloads)
Analytical Design of Constrained Nonlinear Optimal Controller for Vehicle Active Suspension System considering the Limitation of Hydraulic Actuator (4725 Downloads)
Fuzzy Adaptive Observer Based Control of Double Inverted Pendulum (4578 Downloads)
A New Method for Measuring Contact Angle of Impacting Drop (4405 Downloads)
Time Delay MIMO System Control Using Dominant Gain Compensator (4362 Downloads)
An Overview of the Theory and Applications of Interval-based Intelligent Systems and Controllers (4312 Downloads)
Modelling, Simulation & Blade Pitch Fault Detection of Wind Turbines Equipped with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Based-on Support Vector Machine (4282 Downloads)
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